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BBB v. Sandburg 7th- away 8th- home

Dec 7

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Early Dismissal Day

Dec 8

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BBB v. Blackhawk 7th-away 8th-home

Dec 9

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Jackson Winter Band and Choir Concert

Dec 10

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BBB v. Jefferson 7th- home 8th-away

Dec 14

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Jackson-Area Winter Orchestra Concert

Dec 14

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PTA Meeting

Dec 16

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Winter Break- No School

Dec 20-24

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Winter Break- No School

Dec 27-31

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BBB v. Indian Trail 7th-home 8th-away

Jan 4

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BBB v. Indian Trail 7th-away 8th-home

Jan 6

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Jackson Athletics

Welcome to Jackson Middle School Athletics. Featured on this site are athletic events that students can participate in or support. Go Jaguars!

Athletic Participation Forms

There are two forms that every student participating in athletics (including intramurals) needs to have completed before they can participate:

District 45 Middle School Athletics

District 45 is proud to offer a variety of opportunities for students to participate in both intramural and interscholastic competition. One of the highest predictors of high school success for middle level learners is their participation in one or more school activities. We encourage all students in District 45 to be connected to their school community through participation in school-based activities, clubs, and/or athletics. 

In regards to District 45 interscholastic sports, we believe: 

  • in a balance between skill development and competition at the middle school level. 
  • all athletes will have an opportunity to play; however, playing time may be varied based on skill level.
  • being able to learn from experience and having a positive experience are important components.
  • participation for as many students as possible is desired.
  • the program should be directed toward skill building, team concepts, positive sportsmanship, and the fun of involvement and fair play.
  • both coaches and athletes work to create an inclusive and energetic team environment, while preparing for the transition to higher level athletics.
  • athletics are an extension of the classroom. 

Jackson and Jefferson Middle Schools are members of the West Suburban Middle School Athletic Conference, which includes the following other members: 

  • Blackhawk Middle School
  • Bryan Middle School
  • Clarendon Hills Middle School
  • Churchville Middle School
  • Hinsdale Middle School
  • Indian Trail Junior High
  • Sandburg Middle School

District 45 supports interscholastics sports’ teams in the following areas (* indicates a no-cut sport): 

  • Cheerleading (7th & 8th grade)
  • Cross Country (All grades)*
  • Soccer (All grades)
  • Girls’ Basketball (7th & 8th grade)
  • Boys’ Basketball (7th & 8th grade)
  • Girls’ Volleyball (7th & 8th grade)
  • Boys’ Volleyball (7th & 8th grade)
  • Track (7th & 8th grade)*
  • Wrestling (All grades)*

Coaching list pdf

                    Position Staff Member
Athletic Director Gregg Huckstadt
Basketball (Boys’) 

Ryan Zygowicz (7th Grade)        Norm Aliga (8th Grade)

Basketball (Girls’)

Lindsay Novak (7th Grade)        Gerrik Grove (8th Grade)


Shane Brown 

Sara Giordano

Cross Country (Boys’) Norm Aliga 

Cross Country (Girls’) Gerrik Grove 


Soccer Matt Granger 


Track (Boys’) 

Norm Aliga (7th Grade)        Tim Feigh (8th Grade) 

Track (Girls’) 

Andrea Sciullo (7th Grade)   Gerrik Grove (8th Grade) 


Volleyball (Boys’) 

Jon Ramsey (7th Grade)       Tony Manata (8th Grade)

Volleyball (Girls’) 

Tim Feigh (7th Grade)          Jacqueline Vitale (8th Grade)



Krista DePasquale (Jackson)                 Dave Johnson (Jefferson)                                   Ben Digiovanni (Jefferson)


Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are a wonderful opportunity for students to be involved at Jackson Middle School. Each sport and grade level has a designated time to participate and all events occur before school. Below is a schedule of the activities that are subject to change. If you have questions, please contact  630-516-7600.

Intramural Sports Schedule

Intramural Sports Schedule (pdf)